Learning Spaces

The Immersive Learning Center offers a variety of learning spaces depending on the nature of your program.

To help determine the space that best fits your learning needs, please schedule a consult with our staff.

Clinic Suite

The Clinic Suite includes 10 clinic-style exam rooms often used for SP activities. All rooms include B-Line system for A/V capture, patient exam tables and computer workstations. Rooms can be viewed by instructors via the monitoring room or control room.

Acute Care Rooms

The Acute Care rooms are hospital-type rooms that can be configured as acute care, OB or clinic room for either SP or mannequin-based simulations

Debrief Rooms

Debrief Rooms A, B, & C, are used exclusively for either mannequin-based simulation or standardized patient exercises including observing exercises via streaming, debriefing scenarios and completing checklists and quizzes related to simulation or standardized patient exercises.

Simulation Suite

The Simulation Suite consists of two rooms, the simulated operating room (top image) and 3-Bay (bottom image), both equipped for both pediatric and adult capabilities.

Skills Classrooms

The Skills Classrooms, along with part-task physical trainers, provide just the key elements of the procedure or skill being learned. While they cannot fully replicate performing the task on real patients, they do allow learners to acquire the basic skills needed before being taught the finer points of doing the procedures under supervision on actual human beings.

Project Classroom

The Project Classroom is a large space that can be used for group clinical skills training or lectures.