Tools, Support and Resources


We have a variety of facilities available to meet the needs of your program, including:

Standardized Patients

We have an active Standardized Patient Program if you need participants for your program.

Mannequins and Trainers

We have a variety of mannequins and trainers available for use in your program. 

Makeup, Moulage and Prosthetics

Moulage is the art of applying mock injuries to simulated patients (be they mannequin or SP) for the purpose of medical education. Effective moulage increases simulation fidelity by providing visual cues for the participant. Makeup is used to simulate skin findings like bruises, jaundice, rashes, and erythema. Silicone layovers and prosthetics can be applied directly to mannequins or SPs. These simulate gross injuries or findings like open fractures, burns, blisters, and edema.

Build New Technology

The newly furnished Innovation Foundry is a perfect space to generate new ideas and trial new technologies. The Innovation Foundry is an adaptable workspace for brainstorming meetings or rapid prototyping. If you'd like to discuss a project proposal, please contact our Director of Simulation and Education at


Stanford University ER Manual

Crisis Resources Management (CRM) Diagram