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The CISL Organization: The Stanford University School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals are home to world pioneers of techniques, technologies and applications for immersive and simulation-based learning (ISL). Stanford currently has four internationally recognized simulation groups... More »

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What is ISL? “Simulation” is a set of techniques – not a technology per se – to replace or amplify real experiences with planned experiences, often immersive in nature, that evoke or replicate substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive fashion. “Immersive” conveys the sense that participants have of being immersed in a task or setting as they would if it were the real world. More »

The ILC: The Goodman Immersive Learning Center is a state of the art simulation facility that provides education and training to learners of all levels throughout Stanford School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals (collectively termed SUMC). More »

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CISL Symposium

Join us Wednesday November 12th, 2014 for the 7th Annual CISL Research & Development Symposium, featuring keynote speaker Richard Snyder, MD



Continental Breakfast - Registration


Opening Remarks

David M. Gaba, MD
Assoc. Dean for Immersive & Simulation-based Learning
Stanford School of Medicine


Ignite Presentations - Round 1


Keynote Address:
Power Up Your Teaching of ACGME Communication and Interpersonal Skills with Techniques from Business and Performing Arts

Richard Snyder, MD
Group Health Cooperative & Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle


Ignite Presentations - Round 2


AM Session Wrap-Up
David M. Gaba, MD





Let’s Do It! Hands on Improv Acting and Behavior Design Workshop for Simulation of Communication

Richard Snyder, MD
Group Health Cooperative & Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle



Technology and Innovations in Immersive Learning Environments
Simulation DIY—Virtual Relatity, Google Glasses and Oculus Rift, ViewVaster w/iPhone, Computer Games, etc


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Continental breakfast will be provided.

The Stanford Anesthesia Cognitive Aid Group is pleased to announce a free PDF of the Emergency Manual: Cognitive Aids for Perioperative Critical Events, which contains 23 critical events, as well as Crisis Resource Management principles.
Click here to download a copy and see more information.


Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA®) Course Offerings

February 9th, May 11th, June 1st, 2015


Additional Dates are fothcoming

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