OBGYN Trainers

Breast Model

Manufacturer: MammaCare

Patented, tactually accurate transparent model used to teach difference between normal nodular breast tissue and the feel of small lesions

Training purpose: Breast exam

Eva Gynecologic Mannequin

Manufacturer: Simulaids

Eva is a lifelike female pelvis for developing diagnostic skills in gynecologic procedures through anatomical instruction, abdominal palpation and speculum instruction.

Training Purpose: Pelvic exam


Included are the following interchangeable inserts: 

  • Normal cervix and uterus for IUD insertion and removal
  • Normal parous cervix 
  • Cervix with endocervical polyp,
  • Cervix with ectropion characteristics 
  • Cervix with neoplasia (carcinoma) 
  • Pregnant 10 week uterus 
  • 2 adnexal masses

Mannequins and Trainers