Lumbar Puncture Trainers


Lumbar Puncture & Epidural Simulator

Manufacturer: Kyoto/Limbs

The Lumbar Puncture Simulator has been designed by medical education experts to enhance formal LP procedural skills training and assessment.  It allows students and medical professionals to practice frequently and achieve high levels of procedural competence without placing students at any harm.


  • Palpation of landmarks
  • Lumbar puncture
  • CSF collection
  • CSF pressure measurement
  • Consumable inserts available to purchase: Normal CSF, Obesity CSF, Senior CSF, Senior obesity CSF, and Epidural

Lumbar Puncture & Ultrasound Trainer

Manufacturer: Simulab

Our ultrasound compatible task trainer features simulated lumbar vertebrae, iliac crest, spinous process, ligamentum flavum, the epidural space and dura. A palpable, realistic simulation for lumbar puncture or epidural administration.


  • Practice lumbar puncture
  • Practice the epidural procedure
  • Using ultrasound during procedures

Mannequins and Trainers


Lumbar Puncture Simulator, Neonatal

Manufacturer: Laerdal

Reproduction of a neonatal infant positioned for the practice of lumbar puncture techniques.


  • Lateral decubitus position
  • Upright position
  • Realistic interchangeable spine with spinal cord may be palpated for location of correct puncture site
  • Fluid may be infused

Lumbar Puncture Simulator, Pediatric

Manufacturer: Kyoto Kagaku

Soft, one piece baby manikin facilitates trainings in safe patient positioning and holding. Two types of puncture pads with different spinal code depth are prepared.


  • Patient positioning
  • Palposition of landmarks
  • Lumbar puncture and CSF collection
  • CSF pressure measurement