Genitourinary/Gastrointestinal Trainers


Prostate Exam Simulator

Manufacturer: Nasco / Lifeform

The Prostate Examination Simulator is an indispensable model for both students and professionals. Instructors have the ability to teach techniques of prostate examination with no harm or embarrassment to real patients. Now every student can learn to detect beginning stages of prostate cancer and increase chances of patient survival.


Demonstrates 4 stages of cancer:

  • STAGE A GLAND - Benign, slightly enlarged, but otherwise normal prostate gland.
  • STAGE B GLAND - A discrete, hard nodule is palpable in the upper right quadrant. This simulates a beginning stage of carcinoma.
  • STAGE C GLAND - The spread of carcinoma is demonstrated in this gland. The small nodule has increased in size and has become an external hard mass on the surface of the gland.
  • STAGE D GLAND - This gland is totally replaced with carcinoma. The entire gland will feel hard and irregular.

Testicular Exam

Manufacturer: Life/form

Self-examination of the testicles is just as important as self-examination of the female breasts for early detection of tumors. Providing exceptional realism, this simulator features soft, thin outer skin with delicate underlying structures and four embedded, simulated tumors


  • Realistic palpation techniques


Interchangeable Catherization and Enema Task Trainer

Manufacturer: Laerdal

The Interchangeable Catheterization & Enema Simulator is a life-size female pelvis with interchangeable genitalia designed for practicing urologic and rectal access gastrointestinal care procedures.


  • Interchangeable male and female genitalia
  • Genitalia, when used with urinary connectors and reservoir, facilitate urologic care procedures such as perineal care, insertion of vaginal medications and indwelling catheter insertion, care, irrigation and removal
  • Genitalia, when used with anal connectors and colon reservoir, facilitate enema administration using fluid  for realistic return
  • Abdominal plate with interchangeable stoma site allows simulation of cyctostomy tube care and urinary diversion stoma care
  • Bilateral thigh, dorsal gluteal, and ventral gluteal IM injections possible

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