Cardiac Mannequins and Trainers

CPR Trainers

Ambu Smartman

Manufacturer: AmbuUSA

SmartMan AR (SmartMan Augmented Reality) is a unique real-time CPR feedback training manikin system. It is a torso manikin with proper head tilt-chin lift to practice ventilations. It also features Ambu's patented hygiene system for mouth-to-mouth. It comes with a handy carry bag.


  • Compressions
  • Ventilations

Baby Anne

Manufacturer: Laerdal

The Baby Anne manikin was developed to provide effective infant CPR training without compromising realism or quality. The convenient packaging of four Baby Anne manikins makes hands-on practice affordable for every student.


  • Mouth-to-nose ventilation
  • Natural obstruction of the airway for technique of opening the airway
  • Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust 
  • Realistic chest compliance 
  • Foreign-body airway obstruction feature allows the release of a foreign-body obstruction by blows and chest-thrust techniques
  • Economical disposable airways 
  • Removable and reusable faces for convenient and affordable maintenance

Bariatric CPR Manikin

Manufacturer: Life/form

Accurate anatomical landmarks and ease of use will make the Bariatric CPR Manikin a valuable addition to your training program. Sanitary features include individual face inserts, disposable airway system, and a non-rebreathing valve.


  • Compressions
  • Ventilations

Little Anne

Manufacturer: Laerdal

The Little Anne CPR training manikin has been recently enhanced to provide more realistic adult CPR training without compromising quality or usability. It is durable and designed for convenience making hands-on practice possible for every student.


  • Realistic airway construction
  • Chest rise will be seen when correct ventilations are made.
  • Anatomically correct torso and sternal notch
  • Realistic oral and nasal passages 

Mannequins and Trainers

Other Cardiac Trainers

Harvey Cardiopulmonary Simulator

Manufacturer: GCME, University of Miami


  • Cardiac Disease Cases (total 50)
  • Standardized Patient Curriculum (total 10)
  • Portable (93 lbs)
  • Breath Sound Areas (total 6)
  • Cardiac Auscultation Areas (total 9)
  • Digitally Driven Impulses (total 12)
  • Modifiable Amplitudes and Intensities

Multiple Learning Environments include:

  • Self-learning linked with UMedic
  • Instructor in small group sessions
  • Lecture settings

12-Lead Task Trainer

Manufacturer: Laerdal


Airway management skills:

  • Insertion of standard airway devices with the addition of the LMA, Combitube and King LT
  • Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway insertion
  • Manually generated carotid pulse
  • Stomach auscultation to verify proper positioning
  • Abdominal Thrust Maneuver may be performed
  • Closed chest compressions

Cardiac-related skills:

  • Connection sites for four limb leads and VI through V6
  • Compatible with most 3-, 4- and 12-lead defibrillators/monitors*
  • Pacing with option to respond or fail to capture
  • Scenarios of up to five (5) ECG choices may be programmed with the ability to step to the next rhythm based on user input time frame or single-button activation

Zoll AED Plus Trainer

Manufacturer: Zoll

Real CPR Help: audio, visual, and text displays guide users through the entire rescue process.

Real Time Feedback: the ZOLL AED Plus uses its CPR-D Padz to give real-time feedback based on the CPR being delivered, evaluating depth and rate of compressions.

Show And Tell: in addition to the audio prompts, the ZOLL AED Plus also comes decorated with visual prompts on the device itself, walking you through the rescue process.