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Sesh Mudumba, MD Wins Award at IMSH ‘07

Dr. Mudumba Wins Second Place for his poster titled:

Ability of a model-drive simulator and sensitivity to initial conditions

Sesh Mudumba, MD

Abstract: An essential assumption to the use of model driven simulators is that the devices generate consistent and reproducible results. While research has looked at improving the fidelity, validity, and clinical application of human patient simulators, few independent studies have rigorously tested the reliability and reproducibility of the embedded models. The METI-HPS was selected for its widespread use and as a standard model-driven simulator. We hypothesized that when the models were run on the workstation alone (disconnected from the tower and mannequin) , the simulator should generate identical data each time the same initial state and exact sequence and timing of an action was followed. Blood loss both instantaneous and of several minutes duration was selected as a perturbation with easily recognized effects on hemodynamics. Similar sets of experiments were performed in the connected mode (workstation connected to tower and mannequin).

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