Center for Immersive and Simulation-based Learning

Teaching at the ILC

Resources for Educators

The ILC offers consultation and resources for clinicians and other health care educators interested in utilizing its unique space and resources for immersive and simulation-based learning programs.

(Please note: a SUNet ID is required to access the following resources. For more about SUNet IDs, click here.)

PDF File Introduction to Teaching at the ILC

PDF File Creating Immersive Learning Programs: A Quickstart Guide to Sim Curriculum

PDF File CRM Debriefing Assistant (PDF)

PDF File List of ILC Resources Available for Reservation (PDF)

PDF File Standardized Patient/Participant Request Form (PDF)

Word File ILC Scenario Template (MS Word)

Web Link *ILC Rooms and Resources Reservation Request Form*



For More Information

General information about the ILC facility and resources can be found on the ILC at LKSC page or in our FAQ.

To find out more about developing an educational program at the Immersive Learning Center, contact Candace Pau, MD at

To reserve the the ILC spaces, please visit the IRT Classroom Reservation Page. Please note that a consultation with ILC staff is required before booking any new or revised courses or activities.

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